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Passively seeking full time employment in a leadership role as a software and web developer in Go.


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Apple Leisure Group October 2016 - Present

As a Principal Software Engineer, I act as a System Architect on the Program Team within the Scaled Agile Framework. I work with up to 10 implementation teams consolidating multiple acquired travel sales systems. Throughout the process, I have been driving modernization and the adoption of best practices, such as automated testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and infrastructure as code.

LeisureLink (formerly VacationRoost) March 2008 - October 2016

As a senior software engineer, I integrated multiple reservations systems with the MS Great Plains accounting system using a service oriented architecture. The accounting rules service used WCF.

Assumed responsibility for development of a new system of almost 30 websites. Replaced un-maintainable procedural code with a site templating system that was easier for new hires to work with.

Began splitting the growing monolithic system into what would today be called a microservices architecture.

Assumed the role of agile product owner for the Scrum team after the previous person in that role left. In that role I worked with execs and other stakeholders to develop the product roadmap and design features to extend our core system from being used only for sales by own brands, to being a white label platform used for sales for 3rd party resorts and other organizations.

As the Director of Product Management I defined a rebuild and expansion of the newly acquired lodging distribution system.

As a Principal Software Engineer I lead a project to "de-risk" a mission critical legacy system that had been acquired. This was mainly a DevOps project, which included

  • Restructured the version control system
  • Implemented automated builds
  • Implemented automated deployments
  • Load balanced services
  • Moved the entire system from a standard data center to AWS
  • Introduced asynchronous messaging with RabbitMQ to increase scalability and fix performance problems

Always Competing April 2014 - Ongoing

Architected and built a microservices system using:

  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • AngularJS
  • Stripe
  • Mandrill/MailChimp

Healthways (formerly DIGOP) July 2005 - September 2007

As a senior developer, I played a leadership role in developing one of the company's flagship products. I was responsible for meeting with product owners, running an agile project management process, architecture, estimating implementation times, ensuring a consistent quality of implementation, deploying the product to production, and implementing the most complicated features. My team's portion of the product consisted of a public facing web portal and an administrative site for internal use. Much of the web portal work centered on building a branding system capable of customizing the site to give it a distinct look for different clients. The project required extensive integration with other sites and systems within the company and with third parties. Security of our users' personal health information was always a top priority and required various encryption technologies, secure web services and protection against SQL Injection and XSS attacks.

QuantumPM June 2003 - April 2005

My main role was developing data driven websites and other applications to give executives and decision-makers visibility into project status and the overall health of their organization. Websites were created using ASP.NET in VB.NET or C#. Data was stored in a MS SQL Server database. The data access tier used SQL Stored Procedures. Many of the web applications were added features for MS Project Web Access and were integrated with the Project database.

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